Tea is not just a great tasting beverage; it really is an experience… that is good for the Soul. At Soul Tea we believe in offering high quality teas from around the world.  We have chosen specific teas that are organic, certified fair trade and that are naturally delicious.

Tea is a beverage that can be served hot or iced; therefore, it is perfect for every season.  Its benefits go far beyond quenching your thirst and refreshing your moments. Studies show that tea can actually improve your health.  At Soul tea we have the added benefit of polishing our water with Intention Affirmations such as Love, Hope, Peace, Joy and Wisdom.

Soul Tea is founded on the basis that every individual is worthy, valued and loved. We want every person that walks in the door, whether it is a customer, an applicant, a vendor, or an employee to know that this is a place of no judgement and at Soul Tea, you are wholly accepted because you are you, and you are deserving of love.  Soul Tea is a place that you will find community, you can share your wishes and hopes with us, and we will have monthly events featuring live music, flying wish paper, fire pit nights, and prayer.

Soul Tea is the only tea shop in town, where Love is literally on the menu! Come have a cup with us. Better yet, book your tea party today and let us bring that cup of love to you!

(Brick and Mortar Shop coming Soon – for now, follow us on facebook and instagram at @drinksoultea and send us your contact information if you would like updates as we prepare to open our store)